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At the Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide, we are committed to fostering an environment of fellowship and growth for Christian leaders from all walks of life. By providing resources and support, we aim to equip our members to be effective leaders in their communities, churches, and personal lives. We believe that leadership is not a position of authority, but rather a calling to serve others, and we strive to empower our members to lead with humility, grace, and compassion.

Our organization was founded with the goal of empowering people to become leaders who are committed to spreading the gospel. We believe that everyone has a part to play in building God's kingdom, and our mission is to equip individuals with the tools and resources they need to fulfill that role. From organizing conferences to providing leadership training, we are dedicated to ensuring that our members have all the resources necessary to be successful in their ministries.

(Our Mission Statement)

A Distinct Identity

The mission of Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide is to provide a secure space for pastors and leaders, together with their spouses and teams to be afforded an avenue for transparent interaction, and an opportunity for empowerment, engagement, and enhancement. This motivation will be exemplified through the offering of issue specific activities, exchanges, teachings, and encounters. To stimulate personal, spiritual, and mental conditioning and advancement, with the overarching initiative of strengthening the bond shared, as well as fostering new connections with like-minded individuals.

(Our Vision Statement)

A Distinct Initiative

The vision of ACLW is to be a vehicle by which access to tangible resources, programs, tools, and information is made readily available, enabling pastors, leaders, and their teams to expand their thinking and to exercise expertise and prowess in ministry functionality that will furthermore exemplify PURE ministerial excellence at an elevated level and at a more productive pace.


A Distinct Integration

Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide endeavors to accomplish its mission and vision based on the principle of what our Metropolitan Archbishop calls the H3 Philosophy.  It is our belief that leaders are most effective when they are holistically empowered in the three primary areas, the HEAD, the HEART,  and the HAND. This is the ACLW H3 Philosophy, by which we utilize as a foundational source for our strategies and initiatives.

The HEAD – Instruction through Impartation. We want to be able to engage the pastor, leader, and their team to broaden their level of creativity, and to induce thinking on a larger scale and at a higher and holier level. Furthermore, we endeavor to encourage the pastor to eliminate minimalistic thinking, and negative influence, and spark the generation of innovative and progressive projects that will stimulate ministry expansion and Kingdom impact on a broader spectrum.


The HEART – Illumination through Inspiration. We want to offer a structural paradigm that will utilize the source of engagement through involvement and inclusion as a fundamental tool to inspire pastors to expand beyond their immediate reach. Inspiration through illumination and inclusion is centralized around the principal foundation of exposing pastors, leaders and their teams to progressive proven ministry models that will encourage and motivate the leader to exercise vision in excellence, and that will promote the elevation of confidence and raising the level of self-awareness and self-esteem that will subsequently promote the ministerial mandate, and yield residual positively reflective results. This initiative is centered upon insight, hindsight, and foresight, and is dedicated to the introduction of an easily applicable mechanism for the inception, institution and implementation of supplemental programs that will provide illumination and facilitation for the pastor’s, their leader’s and parishioner’s ideas and creative thoughts for the extension of ministry reach.


The HAND – Initiation through Interaction. We are dedicated to not only the provision of great information that will enable the ministerial enhancement of pastors and leaders and their people, furthermore, we, endeavor to introduce a ministerial paradigm that will simultaneously and instantaneously transition the leader from instruction and impartation to application by creating a gateway to viable and tangible resources readily at the disposal of the pastor and leader and their people. We aim to do this by creating a reputable network of relevant ministry products and services and by establishing an exclusive marketplace of instrumental and effective resources. Our determination and mission is to partner with proven and respected establishments, vendors, ministry professionals, and individuals with prowess and acumen in their respective industries, in order to solidify an array of resources accessible to covenant pastors and leaders and their teams that will induce ministerial advancement and operational excellence and that will foster an ongoing overhaul and audit of ministerial functionality resultantly encouraging pastors and leaders and their teams to residually remain relevant in their approach and administration.


Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide (ACLW) is not a denominational reformation or a religious sect.  Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide is distinctly and explicitly an alliance as defined herein:


An Alliance, which embraces all ministries, churches, individuals, and other constituents who accept and acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  The Alliance is inclusive of all baptized believers who acknowledge and embrace the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the function of the five-fold ministry, which embodies Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors, and Teachers as relevant components in a wholistic New Testament Kingdom Ministry.  The Alliance is in fellowship and communion with all who agree and are willing to abide by the set forth structure outlined in the vision and the mission of the Alliance, as well as the policies implemented thereof.


We believe in the autonomy of the individual church and respect it as such.  Those who are members of the Alliance are not expected to alter their individual ministry’s identity or representations of their ministry names, however, it is believed and expected that the church should readily claim, acknowledge and announce its membership and association with the Alliance.  

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