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The Metropolitan Archbishop is the Primate or Chief Bishop, and is the highest office of Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide. He is the visionary leader, role model, and chief servant of the Alliance.

The Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide team is a group of experienced, passionate Men and Women of God dedicated to the promotion of Christian values everywhere. Our organization is lead under the spiritual tutelage of our Establishmentarian and present Metropolitan Archbishop and Cheif Apostle, His Eminence the Most Reverend Jonathan R. Mitchell, who works together with our Ecclesiastical Council of Public Affairs to bring about change and to help everyone live life as God intended.


His Eminence, The Most Reverend

The Bishop Jonathan R. Mitchell is the Establihsmentarian and currently seated Metropolitan Archbishop and Chief Apostle of Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide, (ACLW). He is a native of the Fort Worth, TX and currently resides in the Dallas Fort Worth area. He recieved his formal educational matriculation in the Fort Worth Public Schools, and is a graduate of the Polytechnic High School.  He continued his educational explorations studying Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX.  He has served in the Gospel Ministry for over 35 years and in the role as Senior Pastor collectively for over 10 years.  Bishop Mitchell was the Establishmentarian and Senior Pastor of the Refreshing Word Outreach Church International, in White Settlement, TX, where he served for over six years, and is the Establishmentarian and Lead Pastor of The Life Center Church Reloaded where he has served for the past five years.  His Eminence was duly consecrated to the episcopacy with Apostolic succession in July of 2021, and has served in numerous episcopal offices since his elevation to the bishopric, namely in the offices of Protocol and as Adjutant General.  His administrative prowess and excellence in leadership

 in the area of protocol, has established Bishop Mitchell as a respected authority in the Lord's Church in the areas of ceremonial decorum and execution.  Bishop Mitchell is a Gospel preacher, and is endowed with an organic and unique anointing. His ability to masterfully convey the Gospel message through both his teaching and preaching ministry, has afforded Bishop Mitchell opportunities on an array of platforms across the country to share his convictions of our Christ.  In addition to his exegetical abilities relative to his preaching and teaching, Bishop Mitchell is often called upon to offer lectures and motivational talks in the corporate sector and various secular arenas as well.  In addition to his ecclesiastical ministry, Bishop Mitchell is a gifted psalmist and lyricists, and has a passion for music.  His gift for composing has birth over 150 gospel songs, poems and prose.  Bishop Mitchell is also regarded as an influential figure in his local community, and is a humanitarian and philanthropist.  He is the President and General Manager of J. R. Mitchell & Co., The Funeral Directors, LLC. and has served thousands of families over the span of a 24 year career in the Death Care Industry.  Through his establishment, Bishop Mitchell along with his wife have contributed countless funds for free burials of veterans, indigent families, and parents who have experienced the loss of a child.  Bishop Jonathan R. Mitchell has an infectious personality and possesses an approachable spirit. He established Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide as a platform for Pastors and Leaders to experience organic connections, and since its inception it has blossomed and grown to now embody nearly 500 total constituents.  He has been married for 10 years to his partner in life and in ministry, who is the love of his life, Pastor Lateiundria Mitchell.

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