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At Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide, we are united in our mission to spread God's message of hope, joy, and love throughout the world. Our diverse group of leaders come from various denominations and backgrounds, bringing with them unique perspectives and experiences that help us better serve our communities. Together, we work to provide resources, support, and guidance to all those seeking a deeper understanding of their assignment.



The Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide (ACLW) was established in May of 2023, simply as an Apostolic covering for a small group of pastors and their spouses through J. R. Mitchell Ministries and The Life Center Church Reloaded. ACLW was never formed as an intentional reformational or organizational entity, but initially as a structured covenant between Bishop J. R. Mitchell and a collaborative of spiritual sons and daughters. After serving nearly nine years as a Council Member, Episcopate, Overseer, and Adjutant General in Kingdom Destiny Fellowship International, the Lord saw fit for Bishop Mitchell to move on to a greater assignment.  


He officially established Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide following his Annual Connections Pastors and Progeny Retreat and serves as its sitting Metropolitan Archbishop.  The Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide began with a small group of 8 Pastors and their spouses and in a short span now serves nearly 500 Constituents in the General Assembly, 45 individual Pastors and Leaders, and 10 Covenant Congregations. Since our inception, we have been committed to helping Pastors, their spouses, their teams, and their congregations find a deeper relationship with God and have been dedicated to impacting their lives and ministries for a broader reach and more excellent execution.


Since our development and launch, we have built a global network of Christian leaders who share our values and vision. We are building a history of dedication, service, empowerment, and faith.  Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide is proud to be identified as a safe place for broken Pastors and Leaders to have an organic atmosphere for transparency and exposure of hurts, as well as an avenue to harness those hurts and where hurts are genuinely addressed with healing being the ultimate goal. Before there can ever be instruction and impartation, the issue of spiritual wound care is at the forefront of the mission and mandate of ACLW.


We understand that the greatest resource that a leader can ever be provided is an outlet for recovery from the inflicted wounds suffered while pursuing ministerial progression. ACLW has aimed to always make accessible that outlet and continues to provide an environment of encouragement and edification geared toward repositioning the leader with a renewed perspective and rejuvenated spirit, enabling them to do ministry on a grander scale. We endeavor to provide a space where Pastors and Leaders, as well as their spouses and parishioners can have access to enlightenment, empowerment and enhancements that will enable them to think bigger, grow deeper, and function better.


We have endeavored to create and to provide an all-inclusive platform that provides elements of interaction for every individual encompassed in active ministry, with the ideology and aim of strengthening the whole body from the pew to the pulpit, resultantly fostering the development of a TRUE New Testament KINGDOM MINISTRY.

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