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Joining the Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide enables you to become part of a global network of believers dedicated to promoting Christian teachings and principles designed to empower leaders for an enhanced ministry initiative. Our members come from all walks of life, bringing a diversity of experience and perspective to our organization. We welcome individuals and churches who share our values and mission to join us in this important work of providing resources for Pastors, Leaders and their teams that will motivate them to think bigger and do ministry in a more excellent way!

At Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide, we believe in the power of community and the importance of empowering Pastors and Leaders to do ministry on a grander scale. We offer a range of enrollment options, including individual, couple, and organizational memberships. As a part of ACLW, you will have access to our vast resources, events, and community, as well as the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals and make a tangible impact in the lives of others around you. Join us today and start making a greater difference in your community, state and the world!


Membership Assessments & Financial Expectations

As a member of Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide there is a one-time enrollment fee to join, and a monthly membership assessment that is remitted prior to the 15th day of every month.  The monthly membership assessments for individuals are based upon clerical rank, and ACLW leadership association.  The assessments for covenant churches are remitted annually and are based upon the present size of the covenant congregation reflected in their membership profile. Our Assessment structure is reflected below.  


$75.00  - Pastor/Leader Only

$90.00  - Pastor/Leader & Spouse

$125.00 - Pastor/Leaders, Spouse & Church

(Submitted at the time of enrollment)




The monthly assessment automatically subscribes leaders to the circulation of the monthly ACLW newsletter and gives them access for reception of the digital monthly financial statement. In addition, leaders current on monthly assessments, without any missed payments receive a quarterly gift form the Metropolitan.

NOTE: The following assessment levels are not privy to the release of the monthly financial statement; Ministerial Hardship, Subscribers and Covenant Partners, however they will receive the monthly newsletter and quarterly gift from the Metropolitan.



$150.00 per month  - Ecclesiastical Council Members                    

$100.00 per month  - Bishops & Apostles                                         

$85.00 per month    - Overseers

$60.00 per month    - Pastors, Prophets, Evangelist, Elders, Ministers, Missionary 

$35.00 per month    - Ministerial Hardship (Only 6 consecutive months)

$25.00 per month    - General Assembly

$50.00 per month    - ACLW Subscriber (Resource Connection Only)

$10.00+ per month  - Covenant Partner (Seed Support Only)



$1,800.00 annually

$1,200.00 annually 

$1,020.00 annually  

$720.00 annually

$420.00 annually

$300.00 annually

$600.00 annually




Itinerate Ministries, Missions, Religious Organizations

(Not supported by an active congregations)


Congregations 1-50                                       

Congregations 51-100

Congregations 101-300

Congregations 301-500

Congregations 501+

Special Ministerial Hardship (1 Annual Allotment)


$300.00 annually


$500.00 annually 

$750.00 annually  

$1,000.00 annually

$1,500.00 annually

$2,000.00 annually

$175.00 annually

Enrollment Fees may be remitted via

Givelify (Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide or


Downloaded forms and enrollment fee may also be returned USPS:

Attention: ACLW ADMIN, 7261 Hawkins View Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76132

Sowing for Growing

Alliance of Covenant Leaders Worldwide strongly believe in and advocates for transparency and integrity.  Our Metropolitan Archbishop and ACLW Leadership feels that there is an importance in representing to its constituents on the allocation of the offerings, assessments and all finances that they contribute on a monthly and annual basis. Below outlines the distinction and allocation determination of the funds sown each month to ACLW.


30% = Will attribute to the operating and budgetary expenses of ACLW annual worldwide functions (i.e.“Empower Experience” Symposium and Holy Assembly), as well as other ACLW worldwide events and functions as needed, and as available funds will support.


20% = Will attribute to the Pastors and Leaders Care Fund (PLCF) [A fund established to assist pastors and leaders that may experience a catastrophic loss that resultantly effects ministerial operation], i.e., natural disaster, fire, or flood, impeding health circumstance, loss of bi-vocational income due to a major life change, etc.

20% = Attributes to the Official Acts Expense Fund (OAEF) established for the accommodations of the Metropolitan, upper prelature and any other leader acting in their stead for travel and lodging relative to ACLW official business.

10% = Allocated to the ACLW Grief Relief And Bereavement (GRAB) Fund for the purposes of purchasing of plants, condolence cards, and preparation of official ACLW resolutions at the transition of ACLW leaders, and their immediate family members, as well as allocating a surplus of financial resources to assist in the unfortunate event of leaders and immediate family members of leaders not having suitable resources to cover necessary final expenses at death of the leaders or their immediate family member.


10% = ACLW promotional and branding products and all informational literature.


5% = Maintenance of ACLW administrative operational platforms, (i.e., Zoom, DocuSign, Streaming platforms, conference registration platforms, etc.)


5% = Miscellaneous Operating Expense Fund

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