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Blessings!  We appreciate your willingness to serve  and offer your gifts and abilities for the effective execution of HA2024.  By submitting this form, you understand that that this is for an available volunteer assignment, and further understand that there will be no monetary compensation for the services that you render.  You futher acknowledge by submitting this form, that if selected to serve, you will be expected to be in place to carry out the designated task assigned to do, and are willing to comply with the standards, and regulations set forth by the administration of ACLW during the period of my service.  


We value the contributions of your time that you are willing to dedicate in a collaborative effort to ensure that HA2024 is carried out effortlessly and in the utmost spirit of  pure excellence.  Thank you in advance for your time and service.  

What area of ministry or department are you interested in serving in during HA2024?

Thanks for desire to serve!

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